Monitor your brand & engage with customers in real-time.

Stay up on competitors using innovative market intelligence.

Get valuable feedback on new products, launches, services, and campaigns.

Never miss an article, blog, or tweet about your brand. Ever.


Monitor your web presence

so you can ultimately shape it.

Seamless Management

Stop scouring the web for information.
Everything you need is in one place.

Track & Monitor

Never let commendation or criticism go unanswered. Find out who your key influencers and detractors are.


Take a micro or macro view.
From the smallest tweet to
growing trends. Never miss a thing.


Don't stand on the sidelines
and let others shape your message
Join the conversation.

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"As a marketer, I am constantly trying to quantify the results of a campaign to clients. With Incwired, I can show my clients the drastic increase in mentions, likes, and articles written about them as a result of the campaign. It validates what I do and my clients love it."


CEO of Guerilla Consulting

"People often ask questions about Quick Whey and ask them all over the internet. With Incwired we can see these discussions on yahoo questions, forums, and blogs and are given the tools to respond. Shaping our own message is very important to us, and with Incwired, we now have the tools to do it."


Founder of Quick Whey

"The food and beverage industry is one of the most competitive I have ever seen. With Incwired, I can see why certain people like one BBQ over the other and shape my marketing to win over customers and beat my competition"

-Charlie Gasmire

Founder of Big Bear BBQ